Face-to-face Training in Ljubljana

Participants took part in an innovative course to boost their careers by practising entrepreneurship with local experts and entrepreneurs. The aim was for them to get the skills needed to succeed in today's labour market and live the BLUES experience!



Develop ideas


The programme

Apart from the knowledge they got with the MOOC, participants applied to take part in the face-to-face course to get to the next level.

Their objective was to get the skills to design, launch and lead a startup or an innovative business project.



Face-to-face sessions at University of Ljubljana (Slovenia):

-Session 1: Uvodni pozdrav, spoznavna delavnica, oblikovanje skupin, doc.dr. Judita Peterlin FDV predstavitev mentorjev, predstavitev socialnega podjetnika // 3.6.2019 // 16.00-20.00

-Session 2: Predstavitev metode CANVAS. Izbor poslovne ideje: Stanfordska metoda družbene inovacije // 4.6.2019 // 16.00- 20.00

-Session 3: Pravno okolje za podjetja, možnosti financiranja podjetja // 5.6.2019 // 16.00-20.00

-Session 4: Financiranje start-up, delovanje inkubatorjev // 6.6.2019 // 16.00-20.00

-Session 5: Vodenje in management časa podjetnika  // 7.6.2019  // 16:00 a 18:30

-Session 6: delo na izbranem projektu/ priprava na predstavitev  // 10.6.2019 // 11:30 a 14:00

-Session 7: priprava na zaključno predstavitev // 11-14.6.19 // 18:30 a 21:00

-Session 8: zaključna predstavitev projektov // 17.6.2019 // 18:30 a 21:00


Locations: FDV, GZS, LUI, drugo


Face to face sessions took place at:

University of Ljubljana (FDV, GZS, LUI, drugo)


These were the modules for the face-to-face BLUES programme:

MODULE 7: Experience entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial local context

1. How to build a team

2. How to make practical experience about entrepreneurial mindset and environment

3. How to choose an incubator, program, or mentor

4. Developing entrepreneurship environment

MODULE 8: Overall entrepreneurship overview

1. Summary of the MOOC modules

2. Clarifying the dilemma

3. Apply the Business Model Canvas

4. Discussion

MODULE 9: Entrepreneurship practice implementation

1. Developing literacy in legal issues

2. How to make a business plan, step by step?

3. Different tools in how to finance your business

MODULE 10: Entrepreneurship theory and practice overview

1. How to make a presentation?

2. How to write an essay?

3. How to Pitch?



The programme was delivered by experts from the academic and entrepreneurship worlds, with experience in management, financial analysis, business model canvas or SWOT analysis.

Participants worked with local mentors who have real, hands-on experience in the entrepreneurial world and the set up and development of start-ups. They helped the teams to define, analyze and apply the learnt tools.

Dolores Kores 1

Sessions 1 & 2

Dolores Kores

University of Ljubljana

Sessions 1, 2 & 5

Judita Peterlin

Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
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