Maximizing the knowledge about BLUES programme’s results, intellectual outputs and learnings have been a priority through the implementation of the programme.

The aim of BLUES is not only to produce useful tools but also to contribute to the knowledge about the importance of supporting the acquisition of entrepreneurial mindset and skills. And this having in mind that our main target public has been European universities’ teachers and students, but also we have made efforts to reach other stakeholders and institutions, as well as persons interested in boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. With this purpose, we have organized several events in different countries, ones open to the general public, others only for staff members of the partners of the BLUES consortium. In total, more than 300 persons have participated in these events.


During November 25-26, 2019, we organised an event focused on learning, sharing and networking with professionals from the academic, business and entrepreneurial worlds. During these two days in Santander, nearly 100 persons from several European countries were able to discover the innovative blended-learning approach BLUES consortium has developed to teach entrepreneurship skills to university students from all backgrounds.


Along with the different sessions (that were also live broadcasted) with 12 experts, these stakeholders learned and discussed the EntreComp framework, the practical benefits of creative thinking and innovation in European companies and universities, the importance of the BLUES intellectual outputs… and even participated in a dynamic workshop for learning how to use these methodologies in their classrooms and initiatives.


In order to maximize the impact of the BLUES programme in the other universities participating in our consortium, we organised 1-day events at Italy, Portugal and Slovenia, aiming to disseminate the project’s results particularly the course methodology and the face-to-face and digital training material to local, regional, and national key stakeholders such as university key players, governmental decision-makers and business representatives.


These events, with more than 120 participants, were structured around sessions with presentations of the different BLUES intellectual outputs and debate about how to use them in order to replicate, adapt and escalate these resources once the BLUES programme’s implementation has ended. These events were hosted by the University of Ljubljana on September 25, 2019, the University of Perugia on November 21, 2019, and the University Nova of Lisbon on January 16, 2020.

Intellectual Outputs

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