BLUES (the Blended-Learning International Entrepreneurship Skills Programme) is an initiative born within the ERASMUS + programme.  A team of 10 European institutions (five of them being universities) have worked in partnership to develop a new teaching methodology that promotes management and entrepreneurial skills amongst university students. Based in a blended-learning approach that combines online with face-to-face sessions (classroom activities, visits to business incubators, project work and mentorship), the methodology has been tested in pilot courses -and subsequently reviewed-, and  it is now made available to download  for any institution to benefit from its results.


Face-to-Face Training Toolkit

This step-by-step guide is the essential tool for course managers to plan, deliver and evaluate Blues Programme within any institution. The toolkit not only describes each learning activity in detail, but also sets the roadmap to recruit human and technical resources and provides all the classroom materials and tools, including questionnaires and assessment forms.

Blended-Learning Methodology

This innovative training methodology strategically combines face-to-face with online training, a blended-learning approach as a teaching method to promote management, entrepreneurial and transversal key skills amongst university students. The document includes the programme modules and their learning outcomes, as well as the evaluation and grading system.

Multimedia Digital Training

This guide explains how to access and deliver the digital training resources included in Blues, be it via the MiriadaX platform or from Blues website. The six online modules are the introductory phase where the students learn, through engaging audiovisual contents, the concepts of management and entrepreneurship that will later practise in the face-to-face sessions.