Professionals from five European countries attend BLUES Teachers Training in Santander

Santander Teachers Training Course

Professionals from five European countries attend BLUES Teachers Training in Santander

The University of Cantabria and CISE (Santander International Entrepreneurship Center) have hosted BLUES Teachers Training Course, teaching the innovative methodology that improves professional skills amongst university students and prepares them for the job market

Santander, September 15, 2019

Over thirty teachers and other professionals have attended BLUES Teachers Training in Santander, a course to adapt their work to new forms of communication and better prepare their students for their professional future.

BLUES, a programme led by the University of Cantabria and  CISE (Santander Entrepreneurship International Center), and framed under Erasmus+, has developed a new teaching methodology that -as demonstrated in pilot entrepreneurship courses at four European universities- increases efficiency in the acquisition of professionals skills and saves time for both teachers and students.

BLUES methodology, based on “blended-learning”, combines online training with face-to-face sessions, and introduces the constant contact of students with mentors and professionals who guide them in their immersion in the business world. The main objective of BLUES is to equip young Europeans with the specific skills and abilities demanded by the current labor market , ensuring they develop an entrepreneurial mind to succeed as employees or business entrepreneurs.

All participants in this course come from the ten organisations involved in the development of the methodology and the implementation of the pilot courses. Their interest is to apply this educational model in their own institutions and foster entrepreneurial skills, independently of the discipline and subjects they teach.

BLUES methodology, which has been reviewed after the pilot courses, is available for free download from the programme’s website. BLUES also shares on its website all the necessary materials and tools to launch training courses using this model, including both the guidelines to set up the online modules and the toolkit and contents for the face-to-face sessions.

Next November, BLUES will host an international event in Santander which will be open for teachers, entrepreneurs, agencies and institutions keen on learning about and applying a model to teach entrepreneurship that has already been tested with outstanding feedback from trainers, students, mentors and entrepreneurs in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia.