BLUES (the Blended-Learning International Entrepreneurship Skills Programme) is a new initiative born within the ERASMUS + programme. Its objective is to provide students with the required skills to succeed in the 21st century. An innovative education methodology that combines online digital training with dynamic face-to-face classroom activities


1. A tested teaching methodology

BLUES partners have developed a methodology to teach entrepreneurial skills with a complete programme based on a blended-learning experience for students: an online course that includes six audiovisual modules to introduce the basic principles of entrepreneurship and a series of face-to-face sessions with teachers, local entrepreneurs and mentors to guide them in developing their own business ideas into a successful business project.

2. A complete course toolkit

The methodology designed by BLUES experts took the shape of a complete course divided into 11 modules. All the course materials will be available to download as soon as the programme has finished the pilot phase, during which four European universities are testing the course.


If you are interested not only in our methodology and course materials, but also in networking with professionals from both the academic and business/entrepreneurial world to find the best way to develop or take part in an entrepreneurship programme in your area, register for BLUES international event.


And... we started!

January, 23

The Mooc is now available on the Miriadax platform for you to start the adventure of the venture. Subscribe!

Our face-to-face part

February, 1

The second phase is underway and we are waiting for you. Sign up and take part in one of the exclusive locations where the face to face will be developed.

Start learning with Mooc

March, 4

On March 4th you can access the contents. Complete it and get your certificate!

The face to face is here!

April 1st

Share your vision with other students, create bonds and above all enjoy learning

Everything good has to end!

June, 9

We finish this course experience with the conviction that this not only has served you to know more about the entrepreneur world, also having enjoyed the process.

Analysis and review

June 2019

BLUES partners will work on reviewing the methodology and materials for the blended-learning

Face to face class Spain

Final teaching materials ready

August, 31

All teaching materials will be reviewed and improved based on the analysis and feedback received from the course experience. Then, they will be available to download from BLUES website in September.

Staff training

September 9-11, 2019

Santander (Spain) will host a staff training event about BLUES methodology

BLUES international event in Santander

November 2019

Teachers, employment agencies, business organisations and anyone keen on promoting entrepreneurship skills is invited to this international event focussed on sharing the experience of worldwide experts in both education and entrepreneurship

Our Goals

Increase students skills

Increase entrepreneurial education offer

Better fit between employers' needs and students' skills

Increase successful business creation